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Primeval/Malory Towers

Alicia slumped down outside the small entrance to the cave, she had finally lit the fire. She smirked at the thought that mankind would not discover fire for who knew how many millions of years.

“That's not going to affect the time line is it?”, Darrell crawled out from checking every corner of the cave and crouched beside Alicia setting a torch down as she did. Alicia had always found Darrell's 'journalist bag' to be a subject of entertainment before, but in this instance it had been invaluable with its contents.

“Honestly? The fact we're here probably affected something.”, Alicia moved the metal container water they had filled earlier closer to the fire, “I know it seems like we haven't done much but it's like dropping a stone in a pond”

“Ripple effect.”, Darrell put down the stick she had taken as a weapon and wrapped her arms around her knees, “What would happen if we accidentally affected our own timeline?”.

“Why all the questions?”

“Just finding something to talk about”

“The cave is safe?”, Alicia turned the container again.

“Yes. There's a stone we can use to block the entrance, although nothing much bigger than us could crawl through that hole”

“Better to be safe”, Alicia sighed heavily as she rubbed her left shoulder, using the pressure of her palm to try and unknot the muscles. She must have winced because Darrell's hand knocked hers aside and began massaging her shoulder. After a moment the other woman moved into a kneeling position and used both hands to knead the muscles.

The satisfying clunk as the muscle unknotted elicited a noise from the back of Alicia's throat that made a blush run up her cheeks. Darrell ignored the noise, for which Alicia was grateful and sat back down. Alicia immediately missed the contact.

“I think it would be impossible for us to affect our own time line”, Alicia struggled to keep the unusual tone from her voice as she spoke, “If we did something to change our lives then we might not have been able to come back in the first place to change our lives, therefore we could never have changed our lives to begin with.”, she tried not to laugh at the look on Darrell's face.

They sat in silence for a few moments before Darrell's face twitched with confusion and she looked back at Alicia,

“What if this isn't the past? What if we have gone to, somewhere else that looks like it might be Earth?”

Alicia felt her face twist into a frown as she tried to answer that, “Well...if that is true...”, she stopped talking and sighed, “I don't know. Can we talk about something else?”

“Okay. How's work going? Any interesting news?”, Alicia had never heard such thick sarcasm in Darrell's voice before and it made her uneasy hearing it now.

“I get the point.”

Alicia got to her feet and stomped out the fire, dispersing the sticks and scooping up the metal canteen with her jumper,

“It's getting dark”, she said as she dropped down to crawl inside the cave, gathering up the torch on the way. Darrell followed her and Alicia heard her drag the stone to cover the hole behind them. The cave was plunged into pitch dark for a moment before Alicia found the button on the torch. They would need to start building lamps of some sort soon.

“What is the water for?”, Darrell couldn't comfortably stand to her full height inside the cave, having a couple of inches on Alicia and the discomfort was obvious, even with just a flicker of the torch.

“Washing. I'll let it cool down a bit, then I'll go first. I've got some scrapes from the trees, I'm covered in mud and I don't intend on getting an infection out here.”

Darrell lowered herself to sit against the cave wall and nodded, rubbing the back of her neck with one hand.

“Fair enough”

Alicia had expected some sort of hostility, but it appeared Darrell's last snappy comment had taken the last of her fight from her. Alicia wasn't sure that was a good thing. After setting down the canteen, and the torch so that it lit up the room, Alicia had to confess she had never been so scared in all her life. It wasn't the darkness, although that didn't help. It was like being in the cave had brought all her problems into startling clarity.

She walked over and knelt in front of Darrell, earning herself a look from the other woman somewhere between irritated and confused, and against her better judgment, took Darrell's hands in her own. Wants that she had so far kept well buried lurched to the surface and she shook herself slightly, hoping her blush wasn't obvious.

“I am sorry Darrell, I never meant for this”, and she managed to silence the tiny voice in the back of her head that was practically gleeful at having Darrell for company. Darrell held her gaze for a few seconds before glancing away abruptly, and Alicia worried that perhaps she had given too much away.

“I know. Don't go getting all maudlin on me”, Darrell muttered, but it sounded at least mildly good natured and Alicia would take anything she could. She squeezed Darrell's hands and got up to go and wash.


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Oct. 29th, 2014 07:35 pm (UTC)
Aaah, I really liked this! A good mix of loneliness and warmth, and a good balance between the difficulty of the situation and the two of them working together to manage it, sort of.
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